Carter Family Ukulele

Apr 4 - May 16 (6 weeks - no class Apr 18)

Mondays from 7:30 - 9:00 pm ET


The Carter Family were one of the most influential music groups in North American country music, recording hundreds of classic songs that are still heard at folk, country and bluegrass jams and song circles everywhere. Mother Maybelle Carter's pioneering guitar style anchored their sound and paved the way for generations of guitar players to come. In this class, we’ll look at how to adapt Mother Maybelle’s style to the ukulele and learn some Carter Family songs. There will be some harder parts for those who are looking for a challenge, while those with less experience can focus on the basics. This class assumes at a minimum you already know some basic chords like C, D, F, G, A, and you can strum and sing a few songs already. This class will be taught in C tuning (GCEA).

The class will be conducted on Zoom. Once you have paid and registered, you will receive information about how to log in each week, and those who need help accessing the technology will be offered resources and orientation to the platform. 

You will be provided with song sheets and other materials for taking the course. You will need to supply your own ukulele and be able to tune it to standard C tuning. 

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