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Eve has been teaching music classes for over thirty years in various community and educational settings and in the process has launched many budding musicians on their way. She has offered classes in guitar, singing, ukulele, and songwriting through her private studio in Toronto. She is a frequent summer staff member at The Haliburton School of Art and Design, and has also taught at The Woods Music and Dance Camp, Haliburton Winter Folk Camp, Blue Skies Adult Music Camp, Port Townsend Ukulele Festival, and more. She is the founder of the Parkdale Ukulele Group, and the Ukulele Orchestra of Toronto, and  in 2012 was the first instructor of the Blue Skies Music Festival Ukulele Orchestra. She is an enthusiastic, supportive teacher who knows how to present material in a non-intimidating way, and she knows how to foster a positive learning environment for students at any skill level. The following classes are designed to be taught for one - two hours over four or five days—classes may need to be adjusted depending on the teaching time: 

  • Beginning Guitar 
  • Elements of Carter-Style Guitar 
  • Elements of Fingerstyle Guitar 
  • Beginning Ukulele 
  • Ukulele Ensemble 
  • Ukulele Accompaniment 
  • Singing for Non-Singers 
  • Community Singing 
  • An Introduction to Harmony Singing 
  • Songwriting 
  • Performance 

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Whether teaching a group of aspiring guitar players their first chord, swapping stories and songs with other musicians, or leading a group in a rousing chorus, Eve brings her incredible enthusiasm and love of sharing music to any workshop. She has worked her magic on numerous festival stages, for choirs and other groups wanting music skills development, and in living rooms and community centres for music enthusiasts who just want to learn a little more. Eve often offers workshops on the day of or the day after a concert appearance-- if she is coming to your town, contact us to ask about the possibility of hosting a workshop.  

The following workshops are designed to be taught in one - two hours. Some are participatory, hands-on workshops, while others are lecture/demonstration style.  

  • The Three (or Four) Chord Wonder Workshop  
  • Introduction to Music Theory  
  • Songleading  
  • Music of the Carter Family  
  • Introduction to Harmony Singing  
  • Introduction to Fingerpicking Guitar  
  • Introduction to Carter Family-Style Guitar  
  • Fingerpicking for Ukulele
  • Beatles Ukulele
  • Basic Theory for Ukulele Players

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Eve is also a seasoned festival performer who can host or participate in a wide variety of festival workshops and song swaps.