Ukulele Workshops

Here is a list of ukulele-based workshops and classes that Eve can lead. Workshops or classes can be tailored to your group or event. Please contact us for more information

Class: Practical Music Theory for Average Ukulele Players
You don’t need any music theory to make music – but understanding a few basic concepts can help you be a better musician. In this class we’ll explore a few different aspects of music theory that can open up worlds of understanding about how music works. We’ll look at scales, intervals, chords, and keys and learn how to apply them to familiar songs so that we can enjoy music even more. A knowledge of basic chords will help you get the most out of this class. 

Workshop: Chord Chemistry and The Circle of Fifths 
In this participatory workshop we’ll explore how chords fit together in songs, starting with simple two-chord songs and building up to songs with five, six, or seven chords. Students will be introduced to the Nashville numbering system and the magical Circle of Fifths. Along the way we’ll talk about transposing, songwriting, and being able to play along with others in a jam situation. Advanced beginner to intermediate level.

Workshop: Ukulele Orchestra 
In this workshop we will take a well-known song and work up a fun arrangement for a group to play together, no matter what your skill level. There will be easy parts for those just getting started, and there will be challenging parts for those who already have a lot of playing experience. By the end we’ll all be singing, strumming, and picking together in a multi-layered extravaganza. 

Workshop: How to Play Along: Ukulele Accompaniment Styles 
Ever feel like you are stuck using the same strum for every single song you play? In this workshop, we’ll explore some of the different textures, rhythms, and tones you can use to accompany songs. We’ll introduce basic fingerpicking techniques as well as a few different strumming patterns that will give you more options the next time you sit down to play. 

Workshop or Class: Paperless Jam
We all rely on paper song sheets or charts sometimes, but are you totally lost without your paper? Being able to play without paper can improve your listening and playing skills and help you connect to the music at a deeper level. In addition to playing through some songs with no paper, we’ll look at tricks and tips for remembering chord progressions and how to listen for chord changes in a song. Beginner to Intermediate.

Workshop: Ukulele Ensemble for Music Readers 
In this session, we will work on playing written arrangements for ukulele ensemble. Arrangements will be provided in standard music notation and tablature, and will include easier and harder parts— including a part for baritone ukuleles. Over the course of the session we will work on each part, explore how the parts fit together in different ways, and play the whole piece together. Participants should have previous experience reading music notation for the ukulele and picking single line parts.  

Workshop: Fingerpicking for the Ukulele 
Most of us start our ukulele careers strumming everything in sight, but fingerpicking your ukulele can open up a whole new way of accompanying a song. In this workshop we will explore fingerpicking patterns for the ukulele. We’ll work with a few different songs and a few different kinds of picking patterns and by the end of the workshop you’ll have a few new ideas to take away with you for your own songs. 

Class or workshop: Introduction to Chord Melody
“Chord Melody” is a way of combining the melody of a song with the underlying chords that accompany the song to create a dynamic solo arrangement. In this class we will explore the fundamental building blocks of chord melody and try our hand at playing some simple chord melodies. The skills you learn in this class will allow you to go on to create your own chord melodies of the songs you know and love. You should have knowledge of basic chords in order to get the most out of this class. 

Workshop: You Can Uke! 
The ukulele is enjoying an incredible resurgence in popularity, and it's no wonder. Ukulele is an accessible instrument that offers a world of possibilities in a small, beguiling package. In this workshop we'll explore some of the many musical possibilities offered up by the ukulele. We'll explore chords and strumming as well as melody playing and put it all together in simple but effective group arrangements. Beginner to intermediate level.