While an Eve Goldberg concert is a solid, focussed performance experience, a festival is a different kind of event, where the the magic is in the combination of performers and audience, and the opportunity to create unforgettable musical moments. And having grown up in a folk festival environment, Eve is a consummate festival performer. 

Performing at a festival gives Eve the opportunity to stretch out and draw upon the breadth and depth of her music background. She relishes the opportunity to share the stage with other performers, and she gets a thrill from pulling out just the right material for a workshop, whether it's a classic blues from the 1930's, a campfire sing-along, a honky-tonk weeper, or one of her own songs. And since she's just as comfortable with contemporary roots music as traditional folk styles, she can be programmed in combination with a wide variety of other musicians. She's an experienced workshop host, and has also served as MC for concert stages. And, having organized many musical events herself, she is happy to consult with festivals about programming ideas and themes. 

Eve is also an experienced teacher and can lead interactive, participatory teaching workshops and classes. 

Here’s a small sample of festival workshops and song swaps that Eve can participate in or host-- please contact us for more ideas or information: 

  •      "I Wish I'd Written That!" 
  •      The Continuing Tradition 
  •      Songs of Hope and Struggle 
  •      Acoustic Blues 
  •      A Capella 
  •      Songs with Great Choruses 
  •      Songs of the Spirit / Gospel music 
  •      Where'd You Get That One From? 
  •      The Story Behind the Song