House Concerts

When she isn't performing at concert series or festivals, you can often find Eve performing at house concerts. 

A house concert is simply a concert that takes place in someone's private home. House concert hosts invite their friends, neighbours, relatives, co-workers, and/or acquaintances, make a space in their house for the artist and the audience, collect donations, and-- voila -- a concert! There's a little bit more to it, of course, but those are the essential elements. 

Most house concert hosts present concerts as a labour of love. Some love seeing their favourite performers up-close and personal. They might like the idea of introducing their friends to great music. And sometimes house concert hosts live in an area that doesn't have good venues for acoustic music. 

Lots of performers also love house concerts. Since most house concerts are advertised word-of-mouth by the host, they are a great way of meeting new fans. Many house concert hosts give 100% of the donations collected to the artist, or deduct only a small amount for expenses, which can work out to a decent fee for an evening's work. Sometimes house concerts can help round out a tour by filling in empty dates. And performers often enjoy the opportunity to perform in a stripped down, homey atmosphere of a house concert where they can interact more with the audience. 

The main requirements for hosting a house concert are a space that can hold about 30 people (at least 12' x 15'), some chairs, a little bit of time, and a lot of enthusiasm. If you are interested in hosting a house concert with Eve, please get in touch.