Private Lessons

I look forward to every lesson... Eve teaches you what you want to learn in a low-pressure, relaxed atmosphere. ” - David S.

About Eve's Private Teaching

Eve teaches private lessons in guitar, singing, ukulele, songwriting and performance.  Lessons are 45 minutes long. Most students come weekly, but some come every other week. Eve’s background is in folk, country, and blues styles, and she teaches absolute beginners up to intermediate students. She has her Level III Teaching Certification in the James Hill Ukulele Method. She has been teaching private guitar lessons for over twenty years, and has started hundreds of students on their way to being successful guitar players. Her background in performing and community music make her an ideal teacher for many adult students who have faced challenges in reaching their musical potential. 

Eve believes strongly that everyone can make music and that everyone can improve their music skills. In her teaching she strives to create a supportive environment where students can increase their skill level and have fun at the same time. She loves the teaching process and finds that she learns as much as her students. 

    About Online Private Lessons

    Online lessons are available to students wherever they are located. Eve has taught students located in Thailand, Connecticut, Washington State, Spain, France, and more. Since the beginning of the Covid pandemic, Eve has been teaching all her lessons online. 

    In order to take online lessons, you will need:  

    An internet connection 
    A webcam 
    Conferencing software such as Zoom (preferred), Skype, or FaceTime. 

    Payment via Paypal or e-transfer is required prior to each lesson. Contact us for more information.

    About In-Person Lessons

    Eve's teaching studio is in the west end of Toronto. In-person lessons are currently on hold until we have more certainty about the safety of singing indoors.

    Some different techniques and skills Eve can focus on:



    • bass notes and bass runs  
    • basic country strumming  
    • Carter-Family style strumming  
    • basic fingerpicking styles  
    • fingerstyle blues  
    • arranging songs  
    • reading tablature  
    • basic theory for folk guitar  
    • how to figure out the chords for the song you want to sing  
    • singing and playing at the same time  




    • Reading written music for ukulele   
    • reading and playing melodies   
    • basic theory for ukulele   
    • strumming and picking techniques   
    • fingerpicking patterns
    • reading tablature
    • figuring out chords to songs   
    • singing and playing at the same time