Practical Music Theory for Ukulele Players II

A four-session ONLINE workshop series

  • Wed Feb 21 - Chords - Beyond Major and Minor
  • Tue Mar 26 - Circle of Fifths - Deepening Your Understanding
  • DATE CHANGE: Mon Apr 15 - Intro to Minor Keys and Scales
  • Tue May21 - Learning Songs By Ear

All workshops run from 7:30 - 9 pm ET on Zoom

$150 for all 4 workshops or $40 per workshop

This workshop series is a follow-up to the class “Practical Music Theory for Ukulele Players." We'll be delving further into scales, keys, intervals, chords, and the circle of fifths . These will be hands-on workshops aimed at building our skills in transposing, learning songs by ear, “spelling” chords, and more. You should have already taken “Practical Music Theory For Ukulele Players” or have some basic theory knowledge to join.

The workshops will be conducted on Zoom. Once you have paid and registered, you will receive information about how to log in each week. All classes will be recorded, and a link to the video will be sent afterwards to all participants.

You will be provided with song sheets and other materials for taking the course. You will need to supply your own ukulele and be able to tune it to standard C tuning.  

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